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Products will come later

Advisory Activites


Is it a problem what performance and technology a device should have to be the best for you?
Are you lost in the forest of the technical specifications? Would you not want to buy unnecessary features? In case of need for our staff help the clients making informed decisions throughout the process.

During our activity:


We assess of the professional spectrum of the client and patient care profile, we make a proposal in connection with an optimal device configuration and possibly patient management issues (patient throughput capability, maintenance need - costs, etc.) We find the appropriate devices fitting both for the configuration approved by customer and the budget. Subsequently we collect the price information from vendors. According to the need of the client we are ready to participate in price negotiations, providing the appropriate technical background information.If required, we take part in the full process of installing the device selected by the customer during the technological and legal-authoritative administration or even perform the installation.If required, we can also offer service after the warranty period.













Supply of parts


The essence of our concept of supplying parts is to offer our customers a variety of solution

We are prepared to offer original or new aftermarket parts for defective devices four our partners, but it is possible to purchase tested spare parts from decommissioned appliances, as well.

In our own laboratory we can also repair faulty electrical panels, for which we have the appropriate knowledge and test environment.


Maintenance - Troubleshooting


A team is available with decades of domestic and international experience in the maintenance and troubleshooting of oncological and diagnostic imaging equipment for ad hoc or contractual troubleshooting activities and to carry out installation or dismounting.

Our service contracts in each case are customized to the needs and potential of the client, therefore here frontloaded, rigid contractual schemas of several levels do not exist.