About us

MQS Hungary Kft has been active in the home healthcare market and in the neighboring countries since 2011. Our activities are mostly centered on the service and maintenance tasks of large hospital installations (linear accelerators, CT's, MRI equipment, imaging equipment, etc.), the related parts supply and the implementation of any necessary developments and acquisitions.


In addition, another very important activity of ours in connection with the acquisitions of medical equipment-instruments is consulting independent of brand, during which we search for the most suitable equipment according to customer needs, we participate in price negotiations, as required, or if there is need for it we also solve the completion of complicated purchases. Our activities provide an opportunity to purchase in one package equipment with completely different profile (e.g. simultaneously with equipping a gynecological outpatient clinic the purchase of radiology equipment accessories and ear, nose and throat equipment). The devices potentially offered by us range from those with lower prices up to the high-end equipment offered by the biggest manufacturers.


We lay special emphasis on raising awareness of new and innovative solutions in the Hungarian market. Therefore, we have extensive contacts among manufacturers in Hungary, Europe and Asia; we visit regularly the medical exhibitions and fairs.